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Why overpay for an alignment from the BIGGER companies when you can get a BETTER job done for LESS? We have the very latest state-of-the-art Hunter equiptment and can also align the ever so popular    19" to 30" Wheels!




         Most Cars, SUV's & Light Trucks From $75

      * NOTE: Some Camber & Caster adjustments, Heat,
        Bushings and/or Shims are at additional costs *

      ** Custom Wheels, Lifted, Lowered vehicles and/or
       vehicles with modifications at addition costs **


Front End Labor:
Parts inspection only            $20
Alignment check only     From $37.50

Tire Rotation            From $10
Truck Tire Rotation       From $15
Shocks (each)            From $45
Struts (each)            From $75
Tie-rod End              From $45
Idler Arm                From $80
Pitman Arm               From $95
Ball Joint               From $75
Control Arm (Labor only)    From $150
Tire Mounting -Off vehicle  From $15
& Balancing: -On vehicle    From $25

-(4) balance (if Aligning)  From $60
-Tape-weight balance /each  From $20

Brakes Labor (per set):
Labor Install Front Pads    From $75
Labor Install Rear Pads     From $75
Labor Install Rotors & Pads From $95
Labor Install Rear Shoes    From $120 

* These are general prices that apply to many vehicles *